Vijila Nidheesh is an internationally, acclaimed Mind Power Trainer, Success Coach, Counselor, Redikall Healing Consultant, Psychologist. She has 2 masters Degree in Medical Microbiology and Psychology (MSC). She was a University Rank Holder in MSC Medical Microbiology. She has been actively involved in training and motivational programs. She is one of the recognized mentors in the country. She has undergone training in various programs such as Mind Power, Success Coaching, Counseling and Redikall Healing.

          Vijila is trained under the pioneers of mind power training and spirituality like Dr. P. P Vijayan, Dr. Jiji Vijayan, Aatmn Parmar. She believes the greatest service in the world is to give people a way to succeed.

In order to train the young minds, teachers and professionals, she has established training on mind empowerment, leading to their success. Vijila one of the leading mind trainers in India and has assisted People in discovering their hidden talents and using the full potential of their own creative powers for personal and professional growth.

She can assist people in discovering, awakening and conquering the unlimited powers within them and her desire to help people transform the quality of their lives.

Vijila is a unique professional in the field of Mind Training, Success Coaching, Counseling and Redikkal Healing. Her training sessions are open to Students, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, academicians, CEO’S, Social workers to help achievement of their personal and Professional goals. She helps individuals to realize their talents and live up to their true potential.